SiteGround Review | 4 SiteGround Drawbacks You Should Know!

Despite its popularity, SiteGround has some drawbacks that every potential customer should be aware of. Here are four significant drawbacks to conside

Drawbacks of SiteGround to Consider

SiteGround is a renowned website hosting provider, but it's not without its drawbacks. Before signing up for their services, it's crucial to be aware of potential limitations that may impact your website's performance or overall experience. 

SiteGround Review | 4 SiteGround Drawbacks You Should Know!

This article highlights four significant drawbacks to consider before making a decision about SiteGround for your hosting needs.

SiteGround Hosting An In-Depth Review of Pros and Cons

Are you considering SiteGround hosting? Have you stumbled upon countless reviews and testimonials but still lack a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and weaknesses? In this detailed article, we delve into our hands-on experience with SiteGround to provide an unbiased evaluation, highlighting both its pros and cons.

SiteGround is a renowned provider in the web hosting industry, particularly excelling in WordPress hosting. It has gained significant popularity in recent years, challenging established players like HostGator and Bluehost.

Pros of SiteGround

  1. Fast Loading Speeds SiteGround consistently delivers blazing-fast loading speeds thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and SSD-powered servers.

  2. Excellent Customer Support SiteGround prides itself on its exceptional customer support. Their team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email, providing prompt and helpful assistance.

  3. User-Friendly Interface The SiteGround control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing even beginners to easily manage their website and hosting settings.

  4. Security Features SiteGround takes security seriously, implementing a range of advanced security measures to protect your website from threats. These include automatic updates, malware scanning, and DDoS protection.

  5. Free SSL Certificates SSL certificates are essential for website security, and SiteGround provides them free of charge with all its hosting plans.

Cons of SiteGround

  1. Price SiteGround is generally more expensive than other web hosting providers, especially for entry-level plans.

  2. Limited Storage and Bandwidth The basic hosting plans offered by SiteGround have limited storage and bandwidth, which may not be suitable for websites with large content requirements.

  3. Upselling SiteGround has been known to upsell additional services during the checkout process, which can be perceived as pushy for some users.

SiteGround is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and high-performing hosting. Its fast loading speeds, excellent customer support, and user-friendly interface make it a compelling option. However, its higher pricing and limited storage and bandwidth may be drawbacks for some. Ultimately, the decision of whether SiteGround is the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

SiteGround Hosting A Detailed Overview

SiteGround is a European (specifically Bulgarian) web hosting company with offices worldwide. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of university friends and has since grown exponentially into one of the largest web hosting providers today.

SiteGround Hosting Features

StartUp Plan

  • Storage 10 GB
  • Monthly Visits Up to 10,000
  • Websites 1
  • Free Domain No
  • Email Accounts Unlimited
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Databases Unlimited
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
  • Monthly Price $14.99

SiteGround Hosting Pros

  • Fast and Reliable Performance SiteGround is known for its lightning-fast page loading speeds and minimal downtime.
  • User-Friendly Interface The control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • Excellent Customer Support SiteGround offers 24/7 support via live chat, phone, and email, with highly responsive and knowledgeable staff.
  • Free SSL Certificate All plans come with a free SSL certificate for added website security.
  • Unlimited Databases The StartUp plan allows for unlimited databases, providing ample flexibility for growing websites.

SiteGround Hosting Cons

  • Limited Storage The StartUp plan offers only 10 GB of storage, which may not be enough for large websites or those with extensive media files.
  • No Free Domain Unlike some other hosting providers, SiteGround does not offer a free domain name with its plans.
  • Limited Monthly Visits The StartUp plan is capped at 10,000 monthly visits, which may not be suitable for sites with high traffic or growth potential.
  • Geographic Restrictions SiteGround has recently discontinued services in several countries, including the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, and all Arab nations.

Note The above information is current as of the date of writing. Always check SiteGround's website for the most up-to-date information on their services and pricing.

SiteGround's impressive hosting features provide a stable and secure foundation for your online presence. In the next section, we will delve deeper into SiteGround's advantageous hosting location selection, unwavering stability, enhanced security, and WordPress-optimized infrastructure, leaving you informed and ready to take your website to the next level.

SiteGround's Hosting Features Enhancing Your Online Presence

Advantageous Hosting Location Selection

SiteGround's partnership with Google Cloud Platform enables it to host sites in six data centers spread across four continents North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. This empowers you with the option to choose the data center closest to your target audience, optimizing site speed by minimizing the distance between visitors and the hosting server. If your visitors are spread across various geographical regions, the United States remains a strategic location for hosting your site.

Unwavering Hosting Stability

Reliability is paramount when selecting a hosting provider. SiteGround's migration to Google Cloud Platform in 2020 ensures unwavering stability. As a tenant of Google's cloud services, SiteGround does not own its physical servers, mitigating the risks associated with server outages.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

SiteGround prioritizes security by incorporating ""Account Isolation,"" ensuring that each account on a shared server operates in isolation. This minimizes the impact of any potential security breach, significantly reducing the vulnerability often associated with shared hosting environments.

WordPress-Optimized Infrastructure

SiteGround's infrastructure is tailored to support WordPress sites seamlessly. Its SuperCacher plugin optimizes site performance by reducing database queries and processor usage, significantly enhancing page load speeds.

Complimentary Content Delivery Network

SiteGround partners with CloudFlare to offer a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. By integrating a CDN, you can further accelerate your site's loading speeds and strengthen its protection against cyber threats.

Efficient Technical Support

SiteGround has consistently provided top-notch technical assistance in English. Its support team is known for its prompt response times and in-depth expertise. However, recent reports suggest that SiteGround may be limiting support for customers who utilize the service excessively.

Effortless Script Installations and Regular Updates

Installing popular scripts, such as WordPress, is a breeze with SiteGround's single-click installation feature. The platform also ensures automatic script updates, reducing maintenance efforts and enhancing security.

SiteGround's hosting features provide a compelling solution for enhancing your online presence. However, it's essential to acknowledge potential drawbacks that may impact your decision-making process.

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

High prices without justification

SiteGround's hosting prices are higher than the competition for the resources it offers. The company has raised its hosting prices several times, with little to no improvement in the resources it provides. Simply put, it's an unjustified price increase for the service!

The company offers three shared hosting plans starting at $14.99 per month, but you can get a 55% discount if you use our exclusive coupon code.

Here are the details of SiteGround's shared hosting plans

Plan StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Storage 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Visits 10,000 25,000 100,000
Number of Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Backups Daily Daily Daily
Extra Features - Staging Service Dynamic Caching for speed On-Demand Backups All features in GrowBig plan Priority Tech Support Fewer accounts on the server Advanced Caching System
Monthly Price $14.99 $24.99 $39.99
Initial Price $6.99 $9.99 $14.99

SiteGround's pricing remains a drawback, with limited resources and concerns about CPU usage and cPanel deprecation. Additionally, the discontinuation of free website migration has raised further questions about the value SiteGround offers compared to its competitors.

Limitations of SiteGround's Shared Hosting

SiteGround's shared hosting plans come with limited resources, including storage space and bandwidth. While this is sufficient for small to medium-sized websites, it may not be suitable for websites with a large number of visitors or high resource consumption.

CPU Usage Limits

A major limitation of SiteGround's shared hosting is its CPU usage limits. The company sets a limit on the amount of CPU resources your website can consume, which directly impacts the number of visitors your site can handle.

If your website consumes 80% of the available CPU usage, you will receive a warning email. Once you reach 100% of the allocated usage, your account and all websites hosted on it will be suspended.

To resume your website's operation, you will need to either upgrade to a higher hosting plan or contact SiteGround's support team. They may temporarily increase your CPU allowance until the end of the month.

Therefore, if your website experiences sudden traffic spikes or receives a significant number of visitors, you may want to consider using an unlimited hosting provider such as Bluehost, HostGator, or InMotion Hosting.

cPanel Deprecation

Historically, SiteGround utilized the popular cPanel control panel for all its shared hosting users. However, on July 30, 2019, the company announced that it would discontinue cPanel for new users and replace it with its in-house custom control panel.

Furthermore, SiteGround decided to migrate all existing users to the new control panel, excluding dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and Spanish and Italian users.

While the new control panel is intuitive and feature-rich, it can be a challenge for those accustomed to cPanel. It also complicates the process of migrating your website from SiteGround to another provider that supports cPanel.

Additionally, the new control panel is not yet available in all languages, and English proficiency is necessary for effective use. This may limit its accessibility for users who are not fluent in English.

Paid Website Migration

SiteGround used to offer free website migration services performed by their support staff. However, they phased out this offering for their smallest hosting plan. Effective May 20, 2020, SiteGround discontinued free website migration for all shared hosting plans.

The company now charges a one-time fee of $30 (or equivalent in other currencies) for professional website migration. Alternatively, users can manually migrate their websites without assistance. For WordPress websites, SiteGround provides a specialized migration plugin called SiteGround Migrator.

Despite SiteGround's strengths, it's important to be aware of the limitations associated with their shared hosting plans. These may prompt you to consider alternative hosting providers that offer different services and pricing structures. In the next section, we'll delve into frequently asked questions about SiteGround to provide you with more insights.

SiteGround Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on SiteGround hosting, where we answer the most commonly asked questions from our esteemed readers. Let's dive right in!

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is a global, European-based web hosting provider established in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Known for its reliable and high-performance hosting services, SiteGround has gained widespread recognition among website owners worldwide.

Is SiteGround's Control Panel Available in Arabic?

Regrettably, SiteGround discontinued the use of cPanel, which had Arabic language support. Currently, they utilize a custom control panel, similar to Hostinger, which is available only in English.

What Payment Methods Does SiteGround Accept?

Like most reputable web hosting companies, SiteGround accepts payments via credit cards and PayPal. Flexible payment options ensure that customers can choose the method that suits them best.

Does SiteGround Offer Free Site Migrations?

Previously, SiteGround offered complimentary site migrations, similar to FastComet. However, this service is now subject to a fee. Customers who require professional site migration assistance will need to consider the associated costs.

Stay tuned for more insightful sections in our article, where we delve deeper into SiteGround's features and services. Your questions will continue to be answered, offering you a comprehensive understanding of this esteemed hosting provider.

Although SiteGround offers impressive hosting features, it falls short in certain aspects. Its high prices, limited storage, and bandwidth may not justify the value for some users. Additionally, the discontinuation of free website migration and the limited support for excessive service usage are areas that require improvement.

Despite these drawbacks, SiteGround remains a reliable choice for those seeking fast and secure hosting for their websites. Its excellent customer support, user-friendly interface, and WordPress-optimized infrastructure make it a strong contender. However, it's important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

We encourage you to explore our website for more in-depth articles on web hosting providers. Stay updated with the latest industry trends and discover the best solutions for your online needs. Thank you for choosing our platform, and we appreciate your continued readership.

1. What is a major drawback to SiteGround's shared hosting?

Answer Limited resources including storage space and bandwidth.

2. Does SiteGround offer free website migration?

Answer No, they charge a one-time fee of $30 for professional website migration.

3. Is SiteGround's custom control panel available in Arabic?

Answer No, it is currently available only in English.

4. What are SiteGround's payment options?

Answer SiteGround accepts payments via credit cards and PayPal.

5. Where is SiteGround headquartered?

Answer Sofia, Bulgaria

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